Vented Vs Non-vented Range Hoods: Which Is Best?

When you are cooking, especially frying and grilling, it can produce a lot of smoke, grease, and lingering food smells. A range hood helps to keep the air free from smoke, smell, and other things.

There are different types of range hoods.

Wall mount range hoods have the capability to remove all the toxic things. Some are vented and some are non-vented.

This article will expose the difference between vented vs non-vented range hoods

What Is Vented Range Hood?

What Is Non-vented Hood?

The vented range hood is also known as a ducted range hood. It sends the smoke, grease, moisture, and air outside of your home through the wall. Vented hoods are versatile and can include island hoods, under-cabinet hoods, custom hoods, and wall hoods with a chimney.

This range hood sends the cooking fumes outside the house. 

What Is Non-vented Range Hood?

What Is Vented Range Hood?

An unvented hood is a range hood that filters the air through a carbon filter and recirculates the air inside the kitchen. It does not send the cooking fumes outside the house rather it suck the fumes through exhausted fans. You have to clean the air filter regularly.

Some unvented range hoods are dishwasher safe. So you can wash it in a dishwasher.

Difference Between Vented Vs Non-vented Range Hoods

Though vented and non-vented range hoods are used to clean the air they remove the smoke, fumes, and ordos from the kitchen. They help you to take fresh to breathe. There are some dissimilarities of vented and non-vented range hoods that can be seen.


The vented range hood is much more difficult to install than a non-vented range hood


The vented range hood is more expensive than a non-vented range hood


Non-vented range hood sucks the smoke and fumes through filters whereas a vented range hood leaves the smoke and fumes outside the kitchen.


The vented range hood is easy to clean whereas non-vented range hood filters are hard to clean. If the filters are not dishwasher free then it is hard to clean. 

Things To Consider Before Buying A Range Hood

There are a number of things you need to consider before selecting your range hood. After considering all these things you can choose the best range hood for your kitchen.


Before you buy your range hood, you must know the size of the range hood. A range hood has to cover the entire area of the range top. So that it can suck all the smoke, fumes, heat from the kitchen.


CFM refers to the power of the fan. It stands for cubic feet per minute. If you have a large kitchen area, you need to select a powerful fan.

Noise Level

There is probably no such thing that does not make a sound. But some range hood usually makes less noise than others. Check the specs and compare the different model range hoods to buy a quiet range hood.

Types Of Filters

If your range hood is unvented, you have to check the filters. Some filters are safe from the dishwasher. You can easily open them and clean them by using a dishwasher.


A range hood is visible in your kitchen. So you have to install a range hood that looks classy and unique. It complements the design of your kitchen. You have to select a range hood that fits your aesthetic.

Let’s check a short video on how to clean vented vs non-vented range hood cleaning at home!!

Many people do not like to install a range hood in their kitchen because of the noise. All the range hood makes noise.

But some produced more noise and some produced less. You need to select a quiet range hood so that you do not feel disturbed.


In between vented and non-vented range hoods you may feel confused about which one is for you. Vented Vs Non-vented Range Hoods gave the sense to choose your one.

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