Pull-Out vs Pull-Down Faucet – The 8 Key Difference

Are you confused about pull-out vs pull-down faucet?

You may be thinking pre-rinse and pull down both are similar style faucets. Yes, you are right! But besides the similarities, there are some dissimilarities too.

We are here to give you the obvious ideas about Pull Out vs Pull Down Faucet.

Kitchen faucets have been used as a necessity. Over time, there are different types of faucets can be seen. With the latest technologies, faucets are designed. These new-style faucets make your kitchen more cook-friendly.

As there are thousands of faucets, you can choose a faucet in accordance with your kitchen style. Basically, you will get three types of sprayers pull-down or pre-rinse faucet, pull-out faucet, and side spray sprayer faucet.

Pull-Out vs Pull-Down Faucet – What Is The Difference?

Best industrial kitchen faucets have different styles of sprayer. All kinds of sprayers have some similarities and dissimilarities. Before installing a faucet, you must know which faucet you are comfortable with. Here you will learn the differences between the sprayers.

Pull Out Kitchen Faucet

A pull-out faucet is mainly used to wash a large number of dishes. If you have a big family, you can choose a pre-rinse faucet or you can choose it for your restaurants. It is an industrial-style kitchen faucet. The pre-rinse faucet is tactical in its design and style. It is easier to use than other faucets.

Pull Down Faucet

Pull-down spray is a part of the faucet. It is connected with the faucet. Pull down faucet is used by pulling the spray wand down. It is easy to move from different angles. It is mainly focused on compactness and seamless design.

Let’s have a look at the difference between pull-out vs pull-down faucet!

Pre-rinse Vs Pull-down Faucet

Difference Between Pull Out vs Pull Down Faucet

There are many similarities between both pre-rinse faucets and pull-down faucets. For this reason, it is hard to understand the differences between them.

Let’s learn the similarities and dissimilarities of these faucets!


  • Pre-rinse and pull-down faucets both have attractive functions
  • Pull down faucet can be coupled with a pre-rinse faucet
  • They have a high arc spout
  • Both are typical faucets and can be seen in a restaurant or commercial kitchen
  • They have eye-catchy design and style
  • Use to wash large dishes
  • They have a variety of styles and finishes
  • They are available in popular colors for instance chrome, nickel, bronze, and brass


  • The most noticeable difference is, a pre-rinse faucet is tactical in its design. On the other hand, a pull-down faucet focuses on compactness and seamless design. 
  • Pre-rinse faucet mainly prioritized on the functions and pull down faucet prioritized on the compatibility
  • Pre-rinse faucets gallons per minute (GPM) is not more than 1.60. Using this faucet you can save a large amount of water every year. On the other hand, pull down faucets water flow is 2.2 GPM on average. 
  • The pre-rinse faucet has incredible accuracy courtesy than pull-down faucet

Besides, pull out vs pull down faucet, there can be seen some differences between pull out and pull down faucet. As we already know pull-down spray faucet is used by pulling the wand down. But the pull-out faucet has a spray head that you can easily pullout.

It is easy to use. 

Pull down faucet has a taller spout. The main spray hose is usually shorter. It is designed to pull down into the sink. It is easy to shift from one site to another. It is only used for a single sink.

On the other hand, the pull-out faucet has a shorter spout. The hose of a pullout faucet is much longer and for this reason, it is easy to move in many different directions. You can move the wand and fill the pots and pans which is beyond your sink.

Pull out faucet is best suited for you if you have a double sink.

Final Verdict

When you want to install a faucet for your kitchen, you need to know the difference between the faucet sprays. This article gave you detailed information about the different types of faucets.

It also analyzed the difference in pull out vs pull down faucets and pull down vs pull out faucets. After knowing the distinctions and similarities, you will be able to choose which spray wand is best suited for your kitchen.

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