How To Use Convection Microwave Oven – Perfect Tips

How To Use Convection Microwave Oven? Any Idea?

This article for you to know convection microwave in-depth user guides.

Buying the best product is not the only thing that makes your cooking simple and makes delicious foods. Besides buying the top quality product, you must know how to use them.

If you do not know the perfect use of your high-quality product then you will not get the best services. If you purchase the best convection microwave oven to make your cooking simple and easy, you just need to know how to use a convection microwave oven.

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To teach you the using process of convection oven we are here for you. This article will let you know how to use a convection oven. 

Techniques Of How To Use Convection Microwave Oven

The microwave oven is very effective for cooking and heating food. It is an excellent and efficient choice for everyone especially for those who have to spend a busy life. Convection microwave ovens are more expensive than regular microwave ovens but convection ovens are more affordable and take less space.

7 Easy Tips to know How To Use Convection Microwave Oven

You can make any kind of food that you want with the convection oven but you need to learn some techniques to cook your food in the oven. 


You can cook food in various ways with a convection microwave oven.  You can set cook in radiation only (time cooking), convection only (at a particular temperature), or both at the same time if necessary. 

Choose The Settings For Heating The Foods

The settings will be different while you use the oven for a short period of time to microwave popcorn, reheated leftovers, or quickly steamed vegetables.

When you use the microwave setting, you need to cover the food, retain moisture, and do not use any metal pans, racks, or utensils. 

Choose The Settings To Get A Crispy Exterior

For baking goods or anything else, you need to set the settings to get a crispy exterior. When you roast meat or vegetables, elevate the foods with a rack so that the hot air can circulate under the pan and your foods cook evenly. 

Cook Food Quickly

If you would like to cook food quickly and evenly from inside to the outside of your food, you need to use the combination setting of your convection microwave oven.

It gives a well-done interior and crispy exterior as well. The convection currents and ambient heat give the outside of the food a nice finish. 

Not To Overcook

In a convection microwave oven, everything cooks so fast so you need to be careful about the timing of cooking. Test foods earlier than you would expect because it heated your food so fast and make sure that not to overcook it.

How Does A Convection Oven Work?

The convection oven works in various ways. You need to know Techniques Of How To Use Convection Microwave Oven it and how it works. 

Dual Appliance

A convection oven is a combination of two elements one is a convection oven and another one is a microwave. In a convection oven, the heating elements are not exposed rather, the heat generated inside the oven spreads the temperature by strong fans.

A convection oven can cook rapidly and bake more evenly than conventional ovens. A microwave heats food using non-ionizing radiation. 

Three settings

The convection oven comes with three settings and sometimes it is called a mix feature. The three different modes of a convection oven are microwave cooking only, convection cooking only, or a combination of the two. You can choose any of them according to the requirement of your foods and your choice.

The Microwave Part

The microwave part is the most effective mode to reheat food or pop some popcorn. You can easily reheat your foods quickly. It is the fastest cooking mode that saves your time and energy. You can heat meats, casseroles, and baked goods with this mode and it will be very effective. 

The Convection Oven Part

The convection oven part can brown, broil, crisp, and bake your food. to speed up cooking times, at first, users use the microwave-only mode to heat the food perfectly, then they use the convection-only mode to make the food crispy or to brown the skin of the food.

The Combination

The combination of microwave and convection oven mode makes your food tastier, crispy, and brownie. This combination cooks food faster and makes your food tastier. 


How to use a convection microwave oven is a very common question of the users because most of the time they fail to cook food in a perfect way. If you follow the techniques of this article, you will be able to cook delicious foods for your family.