How To Use A Bread Machine (Easy Tips To Know)

If you have a bread maker, but you do not know how to use it and how to make bread then you are in the right place. Here we will explain to you how to use a bread machine along with how to make bread.

Every bread maker is always different, for this reason, you need to read the instruction manual that comes with the machine and it will help you a lot to increase the knowledge about your bread machine that you have bought.

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To know more about the use of the brad machine that is not included in the instruction manual keep reading the article.

How Important Is A Bread Machine?

The importance of a bread machine depends on several factors and they are how much bread you eat, what kind of bread you like to eat, and how much time you want to spend making bread. If you like to eat a good crusty loaf of rustic style bread that is something thick and hearty, in that case, a bread machine will not be that much necessary for you.

On the other hand, if you like to buy several loaves a week, do not want to spend much money, and want to have fresh bread without any hassle; a bread machine can end up paying for itself in a short time.

How To Use A Bread Machine (Simple Procedure)

How To Use A Bread Machine With Procedure

Numbers of bread you can make with a bread maker. Ingredients vary depending on the type of bread. If you want to make basic bread, you only need four essential things and they are water, flour, yeast, and salt. Some recipes advise adding sugar to improve the bread’s taste a little sweet.

Others also suggest adding some oil, for instance, vegetable or olive oil. Usually, the oil helps to prevent the bread from sticking to the sides of the pan and you can easily separate the tender bread from the pan. 

When you start to make the bread, one thing you need to keep in mind is that you should not overfill the machine. Various sizes of bread makers are available on the market and they are typically distinguished by the weight of the load they can handle. So whenever you are filling the Bread machine, keep in mind that you cannot overfill the maker.

Bread maker comes with an instruction manual where you will get the proportion of a basic loaf. When you start making the bread, it should be as accurate as possible. If you add too much water, then your dough will fail to rise or it will rise but later on collapse, creating a creator.

If you add too little war, then your bread will be rough. So, you need to add an accurate amount of water at the proper temperature. The water must be warm enough so that the yeast starts to activate but the water cannot be so hot that it kills the yeast off.

After getting success in making your basic dough, you can start experimenting on other different kinds of flours to make whole wheat or rye bread. If you like to add nuts, dried fruit, or olives you can add them. 

Why Is Your Bread Dense And Heavy?

Several things make your bread dense and heavy. It is very sorrowful to see that your bread is not perfectly made that you wanted. If your bread starts to rise and then collapses, it means you have added too much liquid in your bread.

If you add less water, your dough will be heavy and rough. To get tender bread, you must have to add an accurate amount of liquid. 

If you see your bread is not rising at all, there might be something wrong with the yeast. Either the yeast you used was past its expiration date, or the water you used contained too much chloride, or you used too much salt.

If you make any mistakes, then it will kill the yeast of the bread. Before applying the salt, check that you are adding the perfect amount and use filtered water

If the bread is risen perfectly but it is too dense, you may need to add higher protein flour for example bread flour that can hold the gas from the yeast or you can add a bit more yeast. After making the perfect bread, your kitchen will be full of delicious smells.


Making bread at home is no easy task if you do not know how to make the dough. Good fresh bread is healthier for your health. To make perfect and tasty bread you need to follow the techniques that have been discussed in the article on how to use a bread machine. make delicious bread and enjoy your healthy life!

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