How To Tenderize Meat Without A Mallet | 6 Simple Ways

How Do You Make Tough Meat Tender?

In cooking, how to tenderize meat without a mallet is to prepare meat so that it is easily chewed. To tenderize the meat you need to follow some techniques and it will help to break down collagen in meat to make it palatable. 

This article will let you know how to tenderize meat with some easy steps.

  • Beat The Meat
  • Marinate The Meat With Acid
  • Marinate The Meat With Enzymes
  • Do Not Forget The Salt
  • Slice It Right
  • Cook The Meat

By following the easy process, you can easily process your meat and prepare delicious food.

How To Tenderize Meat Without A Mallet (6 Simple Ways)

5 Simple Methods to know How To Tenderize Meat

Beat The Meat

To tenderize the meat you can use a kitchen aid meat tenderizer. Pounding meat with a mallet is surprisingly effective to tenderize meat. To turn your meat into mush, this process works very well. If you use the special tenderizer tool, it will be more effective to get the right texture.

This process can give you the perfect shape of the meat that you wanted and in this way, the fibers of the meat will be less damaged. To cut the tough muscle fibers of your meat, a meat mallet works great. 

Marinate The Meat With Acid

Acid can weaken the protein structure of the meat too much, but you can marinate your meat by avoiding this side effect if you can successfully marinate it. Tough meat can be broken down by using acids.

To make soaking meat in a marinade you need to add lemon or lime juice, buttermilk, vinegar, or even you can use yogurt to tenderize the tough proteins of your meat. 

The most important thing you need to keep in mind is that you cannot leave the meat in the marinade for too long because you already know that acid makes the meat too soft and mushy. Therefore, if you do not keep it in the acid for a long time then you can avoid the disadvantage.

Usually, you can leave it into the acid for about 30 minutes to two hours but you need to monitor the meat periodically to see if the meat is starting to look cooked around the edges. 

Marinate The Meat With Enzymes

Several fruits contain enzymes that help to tenderize meat. If you want to tenderize your meat, you can use papaya, pineapple, kiwi, and Asian pear. To make a marinade, puree the fruits and add some of your favorite seasonings.

These will leave you with juicy, tender meat. Be careful to leave any meat in pineapple too long. If you want more effective work, you can use bromelain because of the powerful enzyme found in this fruit.

Do Not Forget The Salt

After marinating the meat, make sure that you properly salt the meat before cooking. Salt draws out moisture from inside the meat and also concentrates the flavors and creates a natural brine. Let the salt sit an hour or two before you cook it.

To break down tough muscle fibers, it works well, and no fussy marinade is needed.  It works because the meat will take on a deep, red color. Before cooking the meat, just rise off the salt, pat the meat dry and add the meat to a hot skillet.

Slice It Right

To slice the meat in the right way, you need to follow some clever knife tricks and that will help you to make meat seem tenderer. The first one is scoring which is needed when you make shallow cuts across the surface of a thin steak like skirt or flank.

By following this process, you can break up tough proteins and help the meat absorb tenderizing marinades more easily. The second one is slicing cooks’ steak thinly, across the grain. It will help you to break up the long, tough meat fibers so that they are shorter and easier to chew.

Cook The Meat

To tenderize the meat in a great way, you should cook the meat at a low temperature. Cooking tough cuts of meat with low-temperature heat over a long time is the best way to tenderize the meat.

It is better to use a slow cooker or braise with both or other liquids in a covered dish. Cooking meat is the most important part that you should take special care to get the right to tenderize meat


We hope that the article on how to tenderize meat without a mallet makes you clear through this process. All these processes are very easy and simple. You just need to apply them carefully so that you get the right to tenderize the meat and can prepare delicious food for you and your family.

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