How To Slice Meat For Jerky | 3 Cutting Tricks

Making your jerky is challenging and time-consuming too.

Cutting the jerky and getting all the slices of meat in parallel shape is difficult.

To make it easier and simpler you should follow some easy methods. This article will let you know how to slice meat for jerky.

There is nothing to worry about!

We will provide the easiest way to slice meat for jerky. Without having trouble, you can get your jerky by following the methods. 

How To Slice Meat For Jerky | 3 Easy Ways To Slice Meat For Jerky Making

How To Slice Meat For Jerky - step by step guide  and cutting tips

To slice your meat for jerky you have to follow three methods. These three methods are very essential when you slice your meat with a knife. If you do not have the best meat slicer for jerky making follow these easy methods. 

Things You Need To Slice Meat

  • Cutting board
  • Paring or boning knife
  • Aluminum foil or plastic wrap

Trimming The Fat

Step 1

For standard jerky get some beef round cut. Select a different cut of meat to get expected jerky. Bring a cut of meat from your freeze. The most usual cut of meat for jerky is beef round.

This type of cut is lean but has enough interior fat for an excellent favor. You can make jerky with any cut of meat if it does not have bones in it.

To make jerky you can use lamb, deer, or turkey in place of beef.

Step 2

Take a sharp knife to cut the meat. To cut jerky strips, you need a thin edge on your blade. If the thin edge on the knife is not sharp, you cannot get an effective cut of jerky strips.

The paring and boning knives are ideal to cut the meat. To trim the fat take your knife and cut the strips. 

  • The sharper your knife, the easier to cut your meat. 
  • You can use a chef or butcher knife, but the blades are a bit thicker for cutting the thinner jerky strips.
  • Avoid a serrated blade because these types of blades are shred rat meat.

Step 3

Take a cutting board to set the meat. Put the meat in the center of the board. Stable the meat and cut the large chunks of fat off of the whole piece of meat.

Turn it around many times on the board. 

Step 4

Look for the lighter, uniform chunks on the meat, and identify the fat. Take the large pieces of off white tissue with a uniform texture. To get the satisfying jerky large amount of fat works well. 

Step 5

Use your knife to carefully cut off the larger pieces of fat around the meat. When you run the knife between the meat and fat, brace the get with your hand.

If larger pieces of fat can be seen on the surface of the meat, trim them out and pull the fat out. 

Step 6

So that you can cut the meat easily, set them inside of the freeze. Wrap the meat loosely in aluminum foil or plastic wrap. Place them inside of your freeze. Keep it into the freeze at least 15-30 minutes; this will make the meat much easier to cut.

Do not leave the meat into the freezer for more than 30 minutes. 

Find The Grain

Step 1

Set the cut of meat on the cutting board. Follow the grooves and marbling in the meat. The fiber’s direction on the surface of the meat will tell where the grain runs. This is the most key factor when cutting meat.

Step 2

If you do not find the grain on the meat, then trim a small piece of meat off the cut. Grip the 2 ends of the meat and pull them apart. If the meat tears, cut across the grain. If the meat is tough or hard to pull, cut with the grain. 

Step 3

If you like tougher, chewier jerky, cut with the grain of the meat. Turn the meat to get running vertical grain in front of you. 

Step 4

Softer jerky is easier to chew. To get softer jerky, slice across the grain. Turn the cutting meat on the board so that the fibers of the meat can run left to right in front of you.

Your knife will cut erect to the grain. 

If you like to eat softer jerky, then this process is the ideal to cut the jerky.

Make The Cuts

Step 1

To make the meat thick, slice the larger chunks of meat. Make them 1-2 inches thick. If the edge of your knife is thick, and you have an asymmetrical chunk of meat, then thin the meat down into the smaller portions.

Cut the meat horizontally.

Trim the larger cuts of meat down so that you can get 1-2 inches thin slices. 

Step 2

Turn the mat so that the grain of the meat is parallel to the knife. If you are cutting the grain, the grooves in the fibers will run to the left to right. And if you cut with the grain, turn the meat to the vertical grain in front of you.

Step 3

Use your fingers to hold the meat steadily. Hold the knife over the meat to trim a thin, vertical strip. Keep the thickness of the meat between ¼ to ½ inches. Make straight cuts to get thin slices.

Step 4

Hold your blade of the knife parallel and move it back and forth while driving the knife into your cutting board until the second strip is complete. To keep each slice parallel continue the cutting in the same way.

After cutting the entire meat you are ready to begin marinating and drying the meat.

For more details let’s check to watch a short video


Hope! You got the answer of how to slice meat for jerky. This process is going to be very helpful when you will start to slice meat for jerky.

Follow the steps carefully and make jerky at your home.