How to puree without a blender (6 Easy Step)

Usually, we use a blender to make a puree. You may not know there are a lot more options for making puree without using a blender. If you do not have a blender at your home, there is nothing to worry about! You can make your puree at your home through common appliances that are available in your kitchen. This article will recommend tons of kitchen equipment to make puree without a blender. We will not only introduce you to the appliances but also explain to you how to puree without a blender by applying some easy steps. 

How To Puree Without A Blender

To puree your fruits or vegetables use the kitchen appliances that will be described below and follow the steps one be one. 

How to puree without a blender


Without a blender, you can make a puree with some cooking appliances. If you want to try a recipe requiring pureeing, grab a chef’s knife, and follow the steps.

Step 1: Washing And Peeling

Whatever you want to puree at first wash them and then place them on your own chopping block. You can puree any type of vegetable though it is harder to get smooth puree with stringy get a smooth puree, try potatoes, carrots, beans, broccoli squash, and any other vegetables with flesh. 

Some vegetables need to remove the peel before puree, so remove the peel of the foods before setting it on the chopping board.

Step 2: Chopping Foods

Now you need to use your knife. With the aid of your knife, chop the foods into small pieces. 

Step 3: Rocking And Dragging The Knife

After chopping the foods, take your knife and place it mostly flat but at a slight angle. After that, with the combination of two hands rock and drag the knife over the ingredients that are already chopped. 

Vegetable Peeler

A vegetable peeler is mostly used to remove the peel from the vegetables. Sometimes fruits also become difficult to digest. You need to remove the peel of the fruits as well. You can also use this appliance to chop your vegetables and fruits. It also gives you a nice shape of a slice.

When you are making any pure for baby, this equipment is mostly applicable at that time. A vegetable peeler is the safest equipment to peel any food. Using this appliance to peel your vegetables or fruits can decrease your risk.

 Food Mail

Food mail is very effective to get a smoother puree. This appliance has interchangeable disks that can give you fine or course preparations for your foods. This equipment is used to separate the skin from softer parts of the foods that you are going to puree. To get a perfectly smooth puree, work through a food mail and then you will get a perfect puree.

Chinois Strainer

If you want the perfect smooth puree, you can use a chinois strainer. Though it is time-consuming and much more difficult compared to the food mail that we have discussed above, it provides a smoother puree. You need to push the puree through the mess or the holes to get the pureed food.

This is very much effective to get a smoother and finer puree. Most of the pieces of equipment fail to provide you the finer and coarse puree. 

Mesh Strainer Or Sieve

If you do not have the best blender for pureeing meat, then you can use a fine-mesh strainer or sieve. This sieve helps you to get the perfect smooth puree. Place the slice of foods on the sieve then force through the fine mesh strainer. You will see that the puree will come out under the sieve. 

Steamer Basket

The steamer basket is the best option to get the perfect texture of your puree. To make your puree by using a steamer basket, you need to follow some steps. 

Let’s learn!

Step 1: Put Vegetables Or Fruit In A Steamer Basket

Take the ingredients that you want to puree. Vegetables or fruits that you are planning to puree put in a steamer basket. Take a saucepan and add some water to the depth of 2.5 centimeters. Then place the steamer basket in the saucepan. To cool the ingredients put them onto the cold water.

Step 2: Transfer The Puree In A Tray

After cooling the vegetables or fruits, transfer all of them to a tray. Add some steaming liquid, if the ingredients are too stiff. Do not add more or less liquid in the puree, add the liquid as needed as thin.

Step 3: Store The Puree

After making the puree, you need to store them. Put them in an airtight container. If the cap is not tight enough, your puree will be ruined. Put the container in the fridge for up to 3 days or 3 months. 


These are all the right tools that you need to make the puree of your fruits and vegetables. All the appliances you will easily get in your kitchen, you do not need to purchase anything new. By considering all of the things, we have introduced to you how to puree without a blender. Follow the steps carefully and make your puree for your baby and your family members.

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