How To Make Wood Chips For Smoking | Follow 5 Easy Ways

Do you want to save your money on making wood chips for smoking?

If there is an opportunity to save money, then you should not waste your money. You may love to grill with wood chips and to do the job you need to purchase the chips from a store.

It is not necessary to purchase the chips and waste money if you could make them by yourself. Before making wood chips, you have to know how to make wood chips for smoking

Wood chips are very crucial to give your grill a smoky flavor. You can make wood chips from various trees, branches of trees, fruitwood, and many more.

How To Make Wood Chips For Smoking | 5 Easy Ways

How To Make Wood Chips For Smoking

If you wonder how to make wood chips for smoking, this article will give you a straightforward answer to your question and that will help you to make your wood chips. 

Wood chips are made of different types of wood. Usually, wood chips are small to medium-sized pieces of wood that are formed by cutting or chipping larger pieces of wood.

You can make wood chips from trees, branches, branches, logging residues, stumps, roots, and wood waste. Wood chips can also be produced from remaining forestry materials, unusable materials, or undersized trees. 

Almost all types of trees can be converted into wood chips but if you want to make wood chips for smoking then you should use those types of trees that are most suitable for fueling. 

Types Of Wood Chipper

To make wood chips, you need wood chippers. Different types of wood chippers can easily convert any trees or branches into chips. The wood chippers are used depending on the types of processing the wood chips will undergo.

Disk Wood Chipper

A disk wood chipper is made of steel and chopping blades with slotted disks. The blades of the disk are very sharp and can slice through the wood as the material is fed through the chute.

In the throat of the chipper, knives are located and the knives cut the wood in the opposite direction. You do not need to apply that much energy to make wood chips through this process. This disk can produce consistent shapes and sizes of wood chips.

Drum Wood Chipper

A drum wood chipper is also very essential to make wood chips. It has a rotating parallel-sided drum that is attached to the engine. A reinforced steel blade is attached to the chipper in a horizontal direction. The wood that you are going to make chips are drawn into the chute by gravity.

Where the rotation of the drum will break up the wood with the steel blades is also drawn into the chute. During the job, the drum makes some noise and creates large uneven chips but it is more energy-efficient than the disk type.

Screw Type Wood Chipper

A screw-type wood chipper has a conical and screw-shaped blade that is very effective in chipping any type of wood perfectly. The blade rotation is set parallel to the opening so that the wood can be pulled into the chipper. Usually, the spiral motion pulls the wood.

Screw type is also known as high torque rollers. It is popular for residential use, as it does not make a sound. It is very easy to use and safer than other types of chippers. No one feels bored during chipping woods with this chipper because it does not make noise.

Use Wood Chips For Smoking

If you are a BBQ lover, then wood you should know about wood chips because it helps to increase the taste and smell of the food. Wood chips are used to influence flavor and enhance the smoky taste of barbecued meats and vegetables.

Various types of species wood chips are available.  Depending on the type of flavor you love to get, you can use the chips according to your desired flavor.

Applewood can be used for a mild, sweet fruity flavor. Other different types of wood chips can be used for a different flavor and they are cherry, mesquite, and pecan.

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If you want to grill skills and smoked meat sounds interesting, then using wood chips will be appropriate for you. Smoking meats is only the beginning, with wood chips seafood, chicken, vegetables and even pizza can be smoked over the grill.


We hope this article helped you learn how to make wood chips for smoking. Making wood chips is fun and saves your money as well. You can use any type of wood chipper to make your wood chips for smoking your favorite food.