How To Fix Scratched Non Stick Pan | Just 3 Easy Steps

To get healthy food you have to fix scratched non stick pans. But the question is how to fix scratched non stick pan?

Well, we came here with a solution to solve the matter.

There has been a revolutionary change in the last decade of using nonstick pans.

Nonstick pans have a Teflon layer on the surface of the pan.

Some people use spatula while cooking, but it is harmful to the Teflon layer and creates scratch on it. 

How To Fix Scratched Non Stick Pan In Just 3 Simple Steps

3 Ways How To Fix Scratched Non Stick Pan - Including All Steps

Everyone faces these types of problems but they may not know how to fix scratched non stick pans. It is so easy to fix, you just need to follow some easy steps.

  • Cleaning The Pan
  • Using Cookware Repair Spray
  • Let The Pan Sit For 40 Minutes
  • Bake The Pan In The Oven
  • Wash The Pan

Without expending money, you can fix your scratched nonstick pan at your home. To get rid of this problem you need to follow some steps. 

Explained 3 Easy Steps To Fix Scratched Non Stick Pan

As many of you are facing this kind of problem, we have figured out the solution of how to fix scratched non stick pans. Follow the steps and enjoy your cooking with your best nonstick pan without Teflon.

Cleaning The Pan

At the very beginning, you need to clean the plan thoroughly. You cannot fix dirty pans. Before fixing a pan, it is the first and foremost task to do. To clean your pan you need a soft sponge, dishwashing soap, and warm water. Warm water is better than regular water to clean a pan. 

If you do not clean properly, the scratched Teflon particles can get into the food you eat. These particles can create severe health issues. Make sure that all the particles you removed.

After cleaning, leave it to dry. Keep the pan open in the air so that all the water is removed from it. 

Step 1: Using Cookware Repair Spray

Now its spray time. After cleaning and drying the pan, you have to use cookware repair spray. This spray is available in the cooking materials store.

You can easily get the sprayer because they are not that much expensive. Very affordable for all. Spray your pan with the cookware sprayer. Apply the sprayer from 1 foot above the pan so that it can give the pan an even coating.

Keep continuing to spray, to cover the whole area of the pan. This will give an even layer on the pan.

Step 2: Let The Pan Sit For 40 Minutes

After spaying on to the pan, let the pan sit around 30 to 40 minutes. Do not let it sit at high temperature, keep it at normal temperature. Dirt and flies make the pan toxic, so make sure that no dust or flies does not land on the wet sprayed pan.

If any dirt lends on the pan then you will not get the expected result.

Step 3: Bake The Pan In The Oven

Baking the pan will let the spray set on the surface of the pan. Then it will give the pan a nonstick surface. To bake it, you are required to use an oven. Start your oven and preheat it for approximately 10 minutes at 500 degrees Fahrenheit.

After preheating the oven, keep the pan into it on the middle rack. Bake it for around 45 minutes to get the perfect nonstick surface. After baking, shut off the oven and let the pan into the oven for about 1 hour to cool down.

After 1 hour brings the pan and let’s sit until the pan is properly cooled down. 

Wash The Pan

The last step is to clean and wash the pan once again.  Before using the pan again, you need to wash them properly. Use lukewarm water and sponge to wash the pan. Gently apply then on to it to clean the spray off.

Look at the pan carefully and try to find out that if there is a proper coating of the spray or not. If the coating is proper then your pan is ready to use as a nonstick pan one more time.

If the coating is not proper then you have to redo the whole process again to make it nonstick.

Last Words

Using metal forks or silicon utensils and spatula on the nonstick pans can scratch your pan. It loses its smoothness and creates scratches on the surface of the pan. Many people think to replace their old nonstick pan with a new one. Because they do not know how to fix scratched non stick pan.

For them, we have provided some easy steps to fix your pan.

Follow all the steps carefully and apply them.