How To Fillet A Catfish With An Electric Knife – Follow Easy Steps

Catfishes come in various sizes so it is possible to cook different dishes out of a single fish and makes your everyday cooking experience more interesting. Cutting catfish is time-consuming if you use a traditional knife. With the use of the best electric fillet knife for walleye, you can easily fillet your catfish within a minute. These knives save your most valuable time and energy.

How To Fillet A Catfish With An Electric Knife

This article will let you know How to fillet a catfish with an electric knife keep reading. 

How To Fillet A Catfish With An Electric Knife

Importance Of Electric Knife

The electric knife has been gaining popularity among anglers because it is more efficient and effective in cleaning and cutting meat. The electric knife is cooperatively sharper than the traditional knife. The most important thing that an electric knife can perform is that it is not time-consuming.

Usually, a traditional knife takes more time to fillet fishes but an electric knife can perform the job in just a minute. 

Many anglers and homemakers prefer electric knives because it saves their working time and they do not need to use physical effort much to accomplish their job. If you are new to using an electric knife, it will be difficult for you to use it, as it is a new gadget.

Most people do not know how to fillet a catfish with an electric knife. Before filleting fish with an electric knife, you must know the process of filleting.

Practice Makes A Person Perfect

If you are not able to do it there is nothing to worry about, practice more and more one day you will succeed. So, if you do not know how to handle an electric knife, one thing you need to keep at the back of your mind always is that you need to have patience.

At first, you can ruin your catfish when you try to fillet it, but once you have a good understanding of the procedure you can easily cut fish with your electric knife. Take time to practice and repeat the procedure slowly and gradually you will be used to using the gadget.

Process Of Using An Electric Knife To Fillet Fishes

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Remove The Head

Removing the head is the first procedure of filleting catfish. If you like to cook catfish, then you need to fillet them carefully and then you can make delicious food.

If you fail to cut them perfectly, then you can destroy your fish. If the size of the fish is small, the first thing you need to do is remove the head of the fish. You have to cut the head off from right behind the gills

To get a clean-cut, hold the fish from the tail and keep the blade of your electric knife towards the fish or across its body. Slowly cut the head behind from the gills and let the backbone guide your knife. One thing you need to make sure of, you have to give gentle pressure otherwise you can damage your fish. 

Remove The Skin

Usually, fishes are slippery so it will be difficult for you to hold them by your hand. You can use pliers to keep the fish steady while skinning it. Before removing the skin, you must cut the fins and tails.

After that, you have to start removing the skin and to do that you need to place the blade of your electric knife at the back of your catfish.

Start with the top part of the fish and gradually go down. If you are filleting small fish, you can perform the job on your kitchen countertop but if you have a big one make the incision by hanging the fish in front of you. 

Fillet The Fish

After removing the skin, you are ready to fillet your fish. Use the electric knife to make an incision right next to the spinal column. As you are using the electric knife, make sure that it is steady because the blade is very sharp. Once you get to the ribs, guide the knife through the upper part of the fish and move to the tail. 

While you are doing this procedure, make sure that you are cutting through the spine of the fish. After finishing, revise the process on the other side of the fish. Now you are done filleting fish. If you are doing this job for the first time, it seems hard for you but by filleting two or three more catfishes, you can perform it more speedily. 


Once you learn to use the electric knife, you can cut your catfish smoothly but before that, you need to know How to fillet a catfish with an electric knife. An electric knife is more efficient and saves lots of time. It will help you to enjoy your cooking time.

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