Things to consider before buying the Best Juicer For Apples

The human body needs many nutrients and energy every day! 

To get the nutrients and energy you need to drink the maximum amount of apple juices. The best juicer for apples helps you to meet your needs.

This device can separate the juice and pulp at the slow speed in a few minutes.

As apples are considered the most effective fruit, so you need the best apple juicer that can extract the maximum amount of vitamins and minerals from apples.

Apple should be the most essential and regular buying ingredients in your home.

6 Best Juicer For Apples | Top Picks Juicer Machine

How to choose Best Apples Juicer to compared some biggest juicer competition

In this article, we will explore the best juicer for apples so that you can make a sense to buy the right one for you.

Apple is the best source of vitamins and minerals. If you do not like to eat the raw apple then select the best juicer for apples to make juice.

We will also explain the benefits of apples and buying guides. 

Benefits Of Apple Juice

Drinking juice every day gives you numerous benefits. Apple juice provides a wide range of health benefits. From bone to brain juice keeps your body fit and healthy.

Immune System Booster

Vitamin C is very helpful to boost the immune system. Doctors always recommend drinking apple juice while you are sick. Apple juice is full of vitamin C that keeps you away from many diseases.

Keeps The Heart-healthy

Apple juice has a wide range of heart-healthy antioxidant flavonoids and polyphenol. These things keep your heart beating and blooming. You can also get a big amount of calcium from apple juice that is very essential for your heart.

Reducing Cholesterol

Cholesterol is one of the most important reasons to get a stroke. Cholesterol blocks the arteries and veins to restrain blood flow and for this reason, people get a stroke. Apple juice can reduce cholesterol, keep the blood flow, and make your skin glow.

Strengthen Bones

Apple is a very essential and healthy fruit for our health that has Calcium, Iron, Vitamin C, and Boron. All the elements help to strengthen our bones.

Asthma Preventer

Apple juice contains a high concentration of flavonoids that takes care of your lungs.  It makes the entire breathing process and that is why apple juice can prevent asthma.

Liver Cleanser

Alkalinity is essential for the liver. Apple juice has a basic pH that removes toxins from it. Apple juice also contains pectin that gets the highest concentration of pectin in the apple skin. It enhances the digestive system.

Best Laxative

Apple is very popular for its fiber content. The fiber of the apple helps our bowel movement and prevents constipation.

6 Best Juicer For Apples Review (Comparison Table)

Apple juice is very essential for our health. If you drink apple juice every day, your body will remain fit and healthy forever. It also gives a glowing face.

To get the maximum amount of juices from apple you need to choose the best juicer for apples.

Let’s select the right one for you!

Breville JE98XL Juice Fountain Plus 850-Watt

Breville JE98XL Juice Fountain Plus 850-Watt Juice Extractor
  • Extra wide 3 inch feeder chute can create 8 ounce cup of juice in just 5...
  • 850 watt dual speed motor; Powerful stainless steel cutting disc for fast...
  • Dishwasher safe parts; Includes 1 liter juice jug with froth separator,...
  • Measures approximately 13 1/5 by 16 1/2 by 18 1/5 inches; 1 year limited...
  • Construction materials: Heavy grade polymer body, stainless steel micro...
  • Extra-wide 3-inch feeder chute can create 8oz. cup of juice in just 5...
  • 850-watt dual-speed motor; powerful stainless-steel cutting disc for fast...
  • Safety locking arm; overload protection LED; large-capacity pulp collector
  • Dishwasher-safe parts; includes 1-liter juice jug with froth separator,...
  • Measures approximately 13-1/5 by 16-1/2 by 18-1/5 inches; 1-year limited...

Breville je98xl fast juicing machine can extract juice from any ingredients. It presses the fiber and pulp to make a unique combination of juices. The motor of the Breville juice fountain plus is hard working but quiet.

It is also responsible for all of the unique functions of this Breville apple juicer. The juice fountain crush offers a smooth crushing of the hard fruits such as apples and carrots, and leafy greens as well.

To ensure the maximum extract of fresh juice, the auger and sieve combination of this device press the pulp. 

If you look at the Breville juice fountain plus reviews, you will get to know that it has high-quality features. The sieve of the machine can automatically purify the filter.

The device can adjust the functions according to the vegetables and fruits. It can make hassle-free apple juice. This device can take care of the consistency issues of the orange and apple juice.

This device serves the smoother texture of your apple juice. 


  • This device has extra-wide 3-inch feeder chute, this can create 8-ounce cup within 5 seconds
  • The stainless steel cutting disc covered with Italian made micro mesh filter
  • It has an 850-watt dual-speed motor
  • Overload protection LED is used to prevent unsafe operation
  • The several parts of this device are dishwasher safe
  • The included materials are 1-liter juice jug with froth separator, filter basket, and cleaning brush
  • It has a 1-year limited warranty
  • To construct this product, it uses heavy grade polymer body, stainless steel micro mesh filter basket
  • Powerful stainless steel cutting disc is used for getting fast cutting results
  • This product has large-capacity pulp collector

Technical Details

  • Model number- JE98XL
  • Dimensions- 13.2 x 16.5 x 18.2 inches
  • Item weight- 9.92 pounds
  • Shipping weight- 15.25 pounds
  • Manufacturer- Breville USA
  • Department- unisex
  • Motor- 1200 watt
  • Speed- 5 speeds ranging from 6,500rpm to 13,000rpm
What We Liked
  • This device is easy to clean and use
  • It extracts 90% of the fruits and vegetables and gives you fresh and healthy juice
  • It has both high and low-speed functions
  • The juice jug fits around the nose nicely
What We Didn't Like
  • The blade of this device has to be replaced every 9-12months depending on the use

Omega J8006HDS Nutrition Center Quiet Dual-Stage Slow Speed Masticating Juicer

Omega J8006HDS Nutrition Center Quiet Dual-Stage Slow Speed...
  • INDUSTRY LEADING 15-YEAR coverage on parts and performance
  • LONGER LASTING JUICES - Using a low speed of 80 RPMs results in minimal...
  • BOOST YOUR IMMUNITY - Cold press juicing is one of the most effective ways...
  • HEALTHY AND DELICIOUS JUICES - Extracts the maximum amount of nutrients,...
  • NUTRITION CENTER - Turn nuts into nut butter, extrude pasta, grind Coffee...
  • FEATURES - High juice yield with very dry pulp, an automatic pulp-ejection...
  • HIGHLIGHTS - The adjustable end cap has 5-settings for maximum juice output...
  • All components included, built in handle
  • 110/120 Volt model designed exclusively for use in North America. Coverage...
  • When buying, please check whether the product is "Ships from and sold by "...

Omega juicer j8006 is a lightweight product. The big mouth juices are very friendly to a big group. Omega juicer is a slow juicer with the highest satisfaction.

This machine takes minimum counter space at your kitchen. It is a commercial apple juicer machine with a single gear. This device is the slow but steady speed of 80 rpm.

It is easy to assemble and comes with high precision juicing. 

According to the omega Nc800 vs Nc900, this device chews the apples and yields maximum juice. It can break the cellular membranes to extract nutrients. It has a 150- watts-1/3 horsepower motor and also has a ULTEM Auger.

The combination makes the device the best juicer for apples. You can make your juice with any texture with the help of this product. Through the omega j8006hds review you will get to know the various functions of it. 


  • It is a long-lasting device
  • This device works with a low speed of 80 RPMs results in minimal heat buildup
  • It provides healthy fresh juice
  • It has a 15 years industry-leading coverage on the parts and the performance
  • Cold press juicing can boost the immunity of your health and can enhance the overall health 
  • This device can extract the maximum amount of nutrients, vitamins, taste, and juice from minimum amounts of fruits and vegetables
  • It can accommodate some other related materials like it can turn nuts into nut butter, extrude pasta, grind coffee and spices, mince herbs and garlic. Other than that it can make baby food and frozen desserts, and whip up soy milk in a flash
  • For continues juicing it has an automatic pulp-ejection function
  • The adjustable end cap of this product has 5-settings for maximum juice output and extraction
  • The dual-stage juicing system make sure the maximum efficiency

Technical Details

  • Model number- J8006HDS
  • Dimensions- 14.5 x 6.5 x 15.5 inches
  • Item weight- 13 pounds
  • Shipping weight- 19.2 pounds
  • Manufacturer- Omega Juicers
  • Color-silver
What We Liked
  • This product is highly recommended
  • Extracts the maximum amount of juices from the fruits
  • Easy to assemble and disassemble
  • It looks pretty on the countertop
  • It is a quieter juice
What We Didn't Like
  • This device cannot handle the pressure

AMZCHEF Slow Juicer,Professional Cold Press Juicer Extractor Machine

Juicer Machines, AMZCHEF Professional Cold Press Juicer Extractor...
  • Great Household Gift!!! 【Multi-purpose for Fruits ¡ê| Veggies,Upgrade...
  • 【Higher and Purer Juice Yield and Richer Nutrition】 AMZCHEF slow...
  • 【Small Caliber Cold Press Masticating Juicer】AMZCHEF slow juicer with...
  • 【Intelligent Protection Chips and Easy to Assemble】Cold press juicer...
  • 【AMZCHEF Slow Masticating Juicer Warranty and Service】 We want you to...

Amzchef cold press juicer is considered the best apple juicer. Your body needs maximum healthy components. To make your body healthier and stronger you need to drink juice regularly.

If your juice maker is not working perfectly then you will not have healthy juices. To get healthy juices you need to choose amzchef juicer.

amzchef slow juicer vs other centrifugal juicer - compared now and see the deference

Amzchef masticating juicer can extract the maximum amount of vitamins, minerals from the fruits and vegetables and serves you the fresh and healthy juices.

Amzchef slow juicer review will allow you to know the details about this product.


  • It is used for multipurpose for fruits and vegetables
  • It creates minimal oxidations and reserves most nutrition
  • This device can make several healthy foods like extracting gingers, celery, wheatgrass, oranges, and other fruits and vegetables
  • It has a slow speed motor that can extract the maximum amount of vitamins from the fruits and vegetables
  • During juicing, the small feeder chute can prevent babies from being injured
  • To reduce the bitter taste it can remove the seeds
  • This device can make the juice taste better
  • The reverse functions help to avoid stuck and easy to clean
  • All the parts of this device made with high-quality food-grade anti-oxidation materials
  • A cleaning brush is included with this product

Technical Details

  • Model number- ZM1501R
  • Dimensions- 14.6 x 7.3 x 11.4 inches
  • Item weight- 10.3 pounds
  • Shipping weight- 10.3 pounds
  • Manufacturer- ZG Kitchenware
  • Color- Classic Red
What We Liked
  • It is BPA free
  • The parts of the product can assemble and disassemble
  • It is easy to clean and use
  • The juices can last for a long time
What We Didn't Like
  • You have to push the dry pulp to go through

Juicer Machines, HOMEVER Slow Masticating Juicer for Fruits and Vegetables

Juicer Machines, HOMEVER Slow Masticating Juicer for Fruits and...
  • 【Best Masticating Juicer】Homever best masticating juicer has been...
  • 【Closer to the Original Juice】The compact structure of Homever juice...
  • 【Quiet and Safe】 150W motor- less than 60 decibels ensure a quiet...
  • 【Easy to Clean】Homever slow juicer features a safety lock design, helps...
  • 【Premium Service】Homever masticating juicer comes with 1-Month Free...

The homever juicer is a slow masticating juicer for fruits and vegetables. Homever slow masticating juicer comes with a quiet motor and reverses functions.

This device is BPA free and designed to make the cleaning easy. Masticating juicer has a 7-segment spiral system that can fully squeeze the fruits and vegetables.

On the front side of the base of this device has the receptacle that can connect the juicing extractor mechanism. It is the best fruit juicer for homever juicer for fruits.

Let’s learn the functions from the homever slow juicer reviews.


  • It works in slow speed 80 rpm or minute
  • It can create less foaming or clogging
  • It can grow 90% more nutrition
  • This device can extract much more enzymes, vitamins, minerals and trace minerals from the fruits and the vegetables
  • The 7 segments spiral can fully squeeze the fruits and vegetables
  • It creates minimal oxidation
  • It is easy to assemble, operate and clean
  • You will enjoy a quiet healthy environment while making the juice
  • It has a 1-year warranty
  • This product has 60 Low Decibel Moter Running
  • It is the best juicer for apple cider

Technical Details

  • Model number- Homever Juicer
  • Dimensions- 13 x 13.4 x 6.6 inches
  • Item weight- 10.01 pounds
  • Shipping weight- 10.01 pounds
  • Manufacturer- Homever
  • Color- Orange Red
What We Liked
  • It is simple and works with the effective operation
  • This device works with very little effort
  • It produces nice and healthy juices
  • Easy to clean
  • Build quality is nice and it is lightweight
What We Didn't Like
  • The included guideline is not much easier for the reader

Slow Juicer, Sagnart Juicer Machine for Vegetables & Fruits

Juicer Slow Juicers Machine Portable Vertical Cold Press Juicer with...
  • 🍅【Safety Material】 Sagnart Juicer Uses Tritan's Food Grade Material,...
  • 🍎 【High Nutrition】Slow Juicer (45 RPM/Min) Effectively Maintains the...
  • 🍓【Multifunctional Juicer】Fruit and Vegetable Juicer can Squeeze Your...
  • 🍒 【Delicate Design & Easy to Clean】Vertical Juicer Size:...
  • 🍊【Quiet & Easy to Use】Cold Press Juicer Works Without Noise...

If you are looking for the best apple juicer machine then you should take your eye on the sagnart slow juicer. It can extract the maximum amount of juices from the fruits and the vegetables that are inside of the machine.

It is the best budget masticating juicer with a reversal function. 

The sagnart juice extractor comes with a juice jug and a cleaning brush. The cleaning brush makes the cleaning easier and simpler. This device gently processes the fruits and vegetables then extracts the necessary vitamins and minerals from the fruits.

The motors of this product slowly work and preserve the sensitive vitamins, minerals, phytochemicals, and enzymes from the vegetables and fruits. To know more about this product look at the stagnant juicer review.


  • It is a slow juice and effectively maintains the nutritional value of fruits and vegetables
  • As it is slow speed juicer, it does not produce too many calories while it reduces oxidation
  • This device effectively preserves vitamins, cellulose, calcium, magnesium, iron, and other micronutrients
  • You can choose your favorite fruits to make juice with this device
  • It works as a multifunctional juicer
  • It is BPA free
  • This juicer uses Tritans food grade materials that are FDA approved
  • It is easy to move and use
  • The design is compact and fits anywhere of your kitchen countertop
  • It works without making noise

Technical Details

  • Dimensions- 15.5 x 13.8 x 7 inches
  • Item weight- 9.25 pounds
  • Shipping weight- 9.25 pounds
  • Manufacturer- Sagnart
What We Liked
  • It can simply assemble and disassemble
  • Easy to use and clean
  • This device is very quieter
  • It is lightweight and can easily move from one place to another
  • It has a cap so that you can close the outlet
What We Didn't Like
  • The included guideline should have more clear details

Mueller Austria Ultra Juicer Machine Extractor with Slow Cold Press Masticating

Juicer Machines, [2020 Upgrade] Joerid Centrifugal Juicer, Juice...
  • WHY CHOOSE JOERID JUICER: Directly designed and assembled by the factory,...
  • 2-SPEED EASY OPERATION: Designed 2-speed juicer for different degrees of...
  • SAFETY PROTECTION: Equipped with safety locking arm and non-slip rubber...
  • EXTRA LARGE FEED CHUTE & EASY CLEANIUNG: Extra large 65MM feed chute which...
  • SATISFACTION SUPPORT: Please make sure that the juicer's Locking arm and...

Nowadays Mueller juicer is one of the most affordable options currently on the market. It takes up minimal counter space and the wide spout is perfect for apples.

Mueller apple juicer has two different speeds that can adjust the fruits and vegetable juice. Mueller fruit juicer can create a 16oz cup of juice in 8 seconds. 

This device has a safety-locking arm to hold the cover on tight. You do not need to physically stand to hold it; the safety-locking arm can cover it tightly.

Mueller centrifugal juicer has a great overheating feature that shuts the device off if it gets too hot. Mueller austria juicer reviews will help you to know the functions of it.


  • It is directly designed and assembled by the factory
  • It has 2 speed easy operations
  • The sped depends on the different degrees of hardness of the fruits
  • Low speed works for softer fruits such as oranges, grapes, tomatoes, and others
  • Fast speed runs for harder fruits such as carrots, pineapple, cucumber and many more
  • Before making the juices you have to make sure that you have chosen the correct speed
  • For safety protection, it comes with safety locking arm and non-slip rubber feet
  • The extra-large 65MM feed chute avoids too much cutting time
  • This device can extract the maximum amount of juices from fruits and vegetables

Technical Details

  • Model number- AJ108
  • Dimensions- 13 x 12.4 x 8.1 inches
  • Item weight- 6.8 pounds
  • Shipping weight- 6.8 pounds
  • Manufacturer- JOERID
  • Wattage- 600.00 watts
  • Color-black
  • Material- BPA Free, Stainless Steel, Food Grade Materials
What We Liked
  • This device is easy to put together and clean
  • It is dishwasher safe
  • Clean up is easy
  • The instruction manual is very short and clear
What We Didn't Like
  • Little tricky to wash all the parts of the juicer

Things You Need To Consider Before Buying The Best Juicer For Apples

Find The Best Juicer For Apples To Compared Others Juicer In the market

It is important to know all the important information before buying any appliances. If you do not know which materials are best for the specific device then you cannot get the best product.

To increase your knowledge about the best juicer machine unfiltered apple juice, you ought to know the buying guides and then buy the right juicer for you. 

Let’s start!

Motor Power

It does not mean that you have to get the high power motor juice. For apple juice, the normal range is from150 to 240 watts is perfect. Slow juicer turns the high rotations rate that serves you the healthy juices.

On the other hand, a centrifuge juicer motor speed is so fast that it leaves pulp and fibers inside the juices. 

Nutrient Preservation

Low RPM juicers use an auger to extract juice and vitamins from fruits and vegetables. This type of juicer keeps the temperature low and prevents oxidation. If you make juices with slow juicers, the juice will stay for a long time.

Let’s check a short video how to make apple juice

Your juice will remain fresh for a long period than using a high-speed juicer. Fast juicers can make juices rapidly but they do not remain fresh for a long time.


The best juicer unfiltered apple juice comes with a long-lasting life. Most of the time slow juicers live for a long time than the faster one. As the motor has low rpm, the motor can survive a long time. 


Durability is the most significant fact of apple juicer. A stainless steel-bodied juicer is more durable than the plastic exterior. Though plastic exterior juicers are lightweight and look great, you need to be extra cautious while using.

Easy To Use And Clean

Apple juicer can come with minimum detachable parts. The parts of the juicer can easily assemble and disassemble. All these parts can simply wash and clean.

Moreover, a wider feeding chute provides a no-mess kitchen. These things ensure you easy cleaning.

Pulp Extraction Option

The best juicer for apples usually comes with a controllable pulp ejector. The pulp extraction feature removes the excess pulp from the juices.

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Final Verdict

As apples are very essential for our health, you need to make juice out of it. Because all the time you will not like to have the raw apple. To make the best juices you have to choose the best juicer for apples.

The best juicer will serve you the best and accurate juice with lots of vitamins and minerals. 

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

Do You Need Internal Cleaning?

Yes, you need it! As you make juice different foods into your juicer, it can contain different unavoidable pollutants, to remove the pollutants you need to clean your juicer.

What Is The Best Way To Start Juicing?

First, find a special place to put your juicer. It can be the countertop or the special table. You need to set up everything in that place.  Place the fruits close to the edge of the bench and apply the right amount of pressure.